The writer is a proud-to-be-Singaporean student currently reading English Literature in university.

His favourite superhero is Spider-Man.

The Knife Is Clean because i had a splinter in my finger, and i decided to cut it out of my finger, after being told by my medical student friends that i was under the misconception that my body would naturally reject it and get rid of it. so i took my fruit knife and cut a slice in my finger and pulled the splinter out. upon finding this out, my mother then asked me if the knife i used for this endeavour was clean. the answer to that question we will never know. credits to Mitchell Yeo for suggesting this very interesting title to use.


One thought on “About

  1. NXY says:

    hallo hallo
    wanted to remark that the username is emo then i saw ‘cutting through the pies of life’

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