Escalatorway to heaven

Tube escalators are really long.

Saw a man on the Underground jogging up a downwards-moving escalator, drawing many accusatory stares from the conformist crowd.

Guilty in my unknowing herd compliance, my eyes followed the line of his vision.

Saw a woman with a smile on her face, visibly alight with joy, beauty that is imbued by the truest of emotions.

Saw a man’s smile grow into a huge grin, and hugged and kiss her.

They must be husband and wife! More than just the social implications of the rings on fingers, it was a feeling, a knowing. Undefinable yet knowable in entirety… The best things usually are.

Saw a man and woman meet in middle of escalator not obeying escalator rules today.

What a blessed man! To have a wife who inspires such brevity and expression and action.


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