Verses about food back home

This is an incomplete list of food to eat
When I return back home
Each of these especial treats
Are now inscribed inside this tome

Char kway teow from Shunfu Road
Fried with cockles yet not greasy
Hokkien mee from ABC
Fit for any royal court
Yu pian mee fen from Old Airport
Soup so good it’s ecstasy
Sambal stingray from Toh Yi
Takes my tummy to the cinema
Har cheong gai from Alexandra
Each mouthful a fiery assault
Chicken rice from Tanglin Halt
For it I’m willing to be stabbed

I dream of infinite chilli crab
An avocado milkshake waterfall
A specialized durian eating hall
Oh chee cheong fun! I hear thy call!

And finally after all this time
So good it doesn’t even need a rhyme
Or other forms of poetic metamorphosis
Just repetition, for emphasis:

Bowl upon bowl upon bowl of Thai Royal Umbrella Triple A!

Aunty, 多两碗饭。


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