sigh pie

Tried making apple crisp: baked apples with a buttery crusty topping.

Unfortunately I messed it up… Too much butter and not enough flour, got ratios wrong. Probably handled it too much too. Not enough cinnamon on the apples. Had to dab butter that was oozing out halfway through the baking process! Yucks. Too much butter indeed.

As a result of staying too long in the oven the apples are mush (not really what I was going for), the topping is fail. The crispy top is the only redeeming factor. Underneath the dough-thing is still uncooked and is still wet. Edges are a tad oily. I cut holes and did some decoration with excess dough like mum does on her pies (see I do think about presentation) and was very pleased with my successfully cut out diamonds in the dough that still managed to look like geometrical shapes. And I made a smiley face. Sadly all these have been mishappen and all that is left is a mess. Oh well. One learns from such things.

Have consumed it all, can’t waste good ingredients! With ice cream it’s still alright… Can’t really go wrong with baked apples!


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