Being lazy is tasty

Accidentally figured out how to make candied nibble thingies.

Was making crumble. So I had some crumble done already but it needed some topping up, so I went ahead and made caramel (successful the second time, woot), cooked some oats in them, then the oats were fragrant and golden and aromatic and yummylicious. Then I knew I should let them cool but I decided, ahhhh whatever, proceeded to dump the hot sticky oats into the crumble mix. The pieces of chocolate (I like them big and chunky) promptly react to the presence of the hot oats, start to melt a little. Everything starts clinging to the chocolate. I’m going oh never mind I’m just going to eat it anyway. So I throw it into the fridge and go to class.

When I come back and take out my crumble mix I see that the chocolate chunks have… evolved. They have accumulated the debris of caramelized oats and brown sugar and crumble and toasted walnut bits, and because it’s cold it’s sorta in chunks. I pick one up to eat (cos it looks good) and hey! What do you know? It’s delicious. Everything is sticking to the chocolate. It’s like a tiny little mouthplosion of joy. Imagine the best granola texture you’ve ever had, put in the taste of s’mores, and end off with a chunk of dark chocolate. Now multiply it by a factor of ten… There you have it.

See? No such thing as coincidence.


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