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To my small but still growing repertoire of dishes, I have added oxtail stew!! Wooooooo!!!!! Nothing like a hot bowl of stew for breakfast.

That’s what I had for breakfast today. Along with a glass of milk and two chocolate avocrumbles. Avocrumbles are the ultimate best thing… Fresh avocado cubes in crumble (replace half of the flour with cocoa) and oats and chocolate chips and walnuts! Healthy and delicious. I should patent it.

Lovely stuff.

The UK has been kind so far. I am getting blown away by the wind. It is no joke. It blitzes the tips of my ears… Never fear. Army issue goretex will save the day. Tomorrow though overground services are down because of some impending storm. Well we shall see whether it is weather suitable for riding.

More food talk. Now in an attempt to have more veg, I made salad. But in the end there was only 120g of lettuce. The rest of it was baked chicken (shredded), crumbly english farm cheese, walnuts, fusilli, bacon bits, avocado slices. Incredibly filling actually. I was very surprised at its bulk.

Then in my laziness I discovered another wonderful thing to eat. I threw chunks of cheddar on a plate and then dumped chilli con carne over it. Mixed it a bit and put it into the microwave to heat up. When I take it out it’s all sizzling and pizza-ish, and stretchy and looks absolutely delicious (melting cheese has that quality). So naturally what follows is two soft boiled eggs cracked on top of this delectable mess… And then the pasta is done just in time, so it goes on top. Toss. Consume. Ahhhh.

Daylight savings has kicked in and it was an extra hour of sleep. Not that there’s much daylight to be saved…

Well! Time for some very quick chronicling.

Went to Thorpe Park, the UK’s premier amusement park. Well without the sun and street performers it was a very English affair – understated and rainy. After three roller coasters I wussed out from motion sickness.

Went to Windsor castle! Very charming place. My favorite castle so far, better than Versailles I might say! I liked it very much. A reassuring solidity and warmth.

Went to LEGOLAND! Woooooo!!!!!!!! Loved it super a lot oh my i just kept taking photos and photos and looking at things in awe and wonder and it was wonderful and fantastic and the rain didn’t matter and the lego mini land was just mind blowing! My first ever dream occupation was to be a fighter pilot (can’t do that, specs and motion sickness, let’s not even talk about pulling gees…). Then it was to be a Lego set designer. I guess that is also not very possible because it requires incredible depths of technical creativity… A melding of physics and practicalities with the aesthetic and crowd-pleasing and imagination-spurring. Wow! Sort of like writing poetry: keeping meaning and imagination within a set form. A very difficult exercise indeed! Requiring great discipline. Which is why I have never seen the beauty of free/blank verse… Where’s the difficulty in that? It’s all so arbitrary. For those people who condemn themselves to never being able to do this kind of thing, start with haikus! Then rhyming couplets (think in rhyming couplets). Then sonnets and then by then you’re well on your way to entertaining yourself by composing verse. Well then my next dream occupation was to be a writer but I don’t have the stamina for that. So now my future occupation (it was never a dream, but it is certainly something I greatly enjoy and believe in) is to teach! Though in moments of airyfairyness my current dream job is to be a full time menu-namer-and-dish-describer. Which to my mind involves tasting food, thinking of a name for it, describing it in the menu, allowing me to put two things I enjoy to great use! Tasting food and playing with words. Maybe I can do that for all my custom desserts. Which are basically all improvisational depending on what I have at hand, and all involve overloading your senses with as much good things as possible, and lots and lots of dark chocolate. Hot, liquid, melt in your mouth goodness… When they say that honey and ambrosia were the food of the gods they were wrong. I’m pretty sure Mount Olympus and Valhalla order plentiful amounts of the good stuff from their Aztec counterparts… Stormwatch probably has chocolate tablets in their multidimensional emergency response kits, and Space Marines have to drink it as part of their physical transformation. Heck, if Frodo didn’t have the phial of Lorien, I would think a cup of Valrhona would have worked just as well.

So much for short chronicling.

Well then watched Book of Mormon (hilariously offensively good, pretty smart too I thought), bought more cheap books (5 books a pound!), found more independent bookshops (lovely), and saw the lovely autumn colours of Kew Gardens. Now autumn is delightful! All these soft shades of yellows and reds and oranges and tasty looking citrusy colours adorning the trees. If I ever ever make cupcakes they will be decorated in autumn colours. Come to think of it a set of macaroons in autumn colours would be fantastic, no? I also saw these incredible cool fruits. Some sort of berry or grape. They have solved a question that has plagued me for years. I saw a blue fruit!!!! It’s actually blue. And turquoise. And purple. And looks like it is good and chewy. Looks like a tiny everlasting gobstopper. I kept taking pictures of it I couldn’t quite believe my eyes or stop marveling at how pretty it is.

Also, warm apple cider is overrated (I think it’s just me), and there is nothing better than eating an apple with a knife, than eating a toffee apple with a knife.

In other news, contrary to what social media and Instagram and whatnot try to tell you, everyone’s life has equal amounts of nonsense and trouble. Getting my bike stolen was really really angrifying and inconvenient but it’s alright I guess things happen. And sometimes it can get lonely but there are many lovely people around. It can get boring (see computer games are good for you) but there’s always books and things to dream up. And it’s cold and I’m getting this nonsense cold rash thing… But then again. It’s dry so no morning sinus. Whee!

Also, if you’re in Singapore and reading this, I beg you never ever complain again about Singaporean public transport, for it is powered by the psychic gestalt collective of the Efficient Singaporean Mind, and fueled by outwardly grumpy but inwardly angelic drivers and staff, and our trains are actually pulled along by hypercharged stallions of shadow whose blazing hooves on the tracks is the sound you hear when the MRT approaches… Oh man. I can hear my hokkien mee calling to me.

Zach! Where are you? I was made to be consumed with great relish. Please, aid me in fulfilling my life’s sole purpose!

Fear not, good plate of hokkien mee, you are on my hit list for food when I get home. I will slurp you with great relish indeed.


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