banana lava nutella lasagna

that, ladies and gentlemen, is the name of the dessert that i have come up with.

side note: in the span of 10 days i have used up 500 grams of dark chocolate just on making dessert D:

here, visual preview:

come on. you know you want it.

anyway, let me tell you how it goes.

first i prepare a bowl of chocolate cake mix. flour, cocoa, castor sugar, milk, olive oil, nutella, egg. sift and mix until just combined.

then i slice two bananas. on hindsight i should have sliced more, but it’s okay. the next time i’ll get it right. but i am feeling particularly triumphant right now so i’m just going to carry on in my moment of glorious gastronomic arrogance. i love that word… gastronomic.

and i have a big bottle of nutella and a block of dark chocolate at the ready.

so then i scoop a big tablespoon of the mixture and dollop it into the bottom of a small mug. it will even itself out so let it sit a bit. make it a tablespoon and a half. why lasagna? cos lasagna is meat pasta cheese. meat pasta cheese. meat pasta cheese. yes?

similar concept.

on top of the cake mix,carefully layer 3 pieces of dark chocolate. worry not about spacing yet.

on top of the chocolate blocks, layer banana slices.

on top of these, apply one heaped teaspoon of nutella, spreading it evenly.

repeat from top. see? cake chocolate banana nutella. except of course the dark chocolate blocks will melt, all lava-cakey like.

so unfortunately i do not have enough mix, so i can only do two layers ):

i top them off with a final dollop of mix, and then put a banana slice in the middle – presentation and all, you know.

my eye strays across the counter and hey! i knew those chocolate shavings would come in handy (attribute this to my lousy chocolate cutting skills). so the entire mug is finished off with a dusting of chocolate shavings. if i had a little icing sugar to dust it would look wonderful, but you can’t be choosy…

in it goes for 2 minutes. i have to keep checking cos this microwave has a personality, you know what i mean? it doesn’t always behave the way it should.

and it comes out.

glorious! cymbals clash, foodies rejoice, chocoholics around the world look up in the sky acknowledging a portentous event. choirs of bakers give voice to a celebratory song, critics drop their pens to join in the chorus, and a million cocoa beans in their pods spontaneously combust…

ahhhh!!! wonderful gooey delumptious scrumptiddly mookaful CHOCOLATE GOOP with PIPING HOT BANANAS and MELTY LIQUIDY CHOCOLATE LAVA and HAZELNUT OVERLOAD and AHHHHHHHHHHH

and it was good.

and hence the name. it has such a delightful ring to it, doesn’t it?


One thought on “banana lava nutella lasagna

  1. Haha omg Zach I was looking at your insta photos and this photo looked super good (plus I have Nutella and almost-overripe bananas sitting in my kitchen) so….. Googled “banana lava nutella lasagna” thinking I’d find the recipe you followed. But I found this instead haha.

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