Musing in Marienplatz

Last day in Munich and Germany and we’re in the city center, moving a a much slower pace than usual, owing to food poisoning. Marienplatz is very nice, polite Germans walking around, cream coloured buildings lining the cobblestone streets. It’s maybe 18 degrees, a light breeze blowing, like standing in front of an air conditioner. We are in Viktualienmarkt, full of food stalls and local delicacies. There’s dried apple chips, tart and sweet. So many things on sale! Innumerable bottles of mustard and dips and marinades, leaves and roots of all shapes and sizes, fruits in every shade of yellow red orange green purple (note that there is no blue fruit)… Tropical fruits are really expensive though, one papaya sells for 6 euros! A small coconut is 4 euros. But then there’s all this nice temperate fruit which I am determined to chow down while I’m in Europe. All sorts of little knick-knacks and souvenirs are also on sale, but I’m far more attracted by the prospect of bratwurst and bratkartoffeln. I finally acquire a currywurst… Though I don’t understand why everyone is raving about it. It’s alright. The atmosphere is very relaxed and surprisingly quiet despite the number of people here, compared to Borough Market in London.

There are a lot of clock towers here in Marienplatz!

It’s a nice place. As we leave Germany… Hmm. Everyone says Germany is like clockwork and run like a machine, but to that I have to say, how can anything so smooth and efficient be a machine? To be a machine suggests there is some wastage of resources. The conclusion is that Germany is nothing less that organic: perfectly designed and alive. This country is wonderful! It moves and breathes quietly, with a depth of being that I think only the locals can fathom.

So now it’s off to Rome! On a sleeper train. See you all on the pasta side!


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