Marching to Munich

After a four and a half hour long bus ride (it must be said the most comfortable long bus ride I’ve ever had, thanks to the mega German coach-bus), we arrive in Munich! It is a hive of activity… The train terminal has 50 platforms. Travelers are everywhere, carrying bags and packs of all shapes and sizes, getting on and getting off and moving places, trailing the stories of their lives, adding to those tales with every step they take. A giant narrative taking place. It is a busy place! A veritable hub. We grab bratwurst for a quick lunch and then it’s off to find the Olympic Park.

But first a detour to the BMW museum! An extravagant study in sleek sexy cars… We move around gleefully stepping into different cars, sitting in the driver’s seat. I am enthralled by the Mini Cooper. The dashboard and systems are all beautifully round and curvy and there’s a feeling of power held in check, compressed into a small system. Feels like a small but fiery and restive warhorse champing at the bit. The BMW i8 is a totally different animal. A concept electric car, it’s lines speak of a superevolved hyperpredator waiting to spring into action, faster sharper leaner than anything else that has ever existed… Understatedly elegant aggression. Whooooaaaa.

Olympic Park is disappointing… Not much sporting grandeur :( there’s a carnival going on there. So it’s soon back to the interchange and up a tram. I feel like a little red blood cell moving in the arteries of Munich! The heart of the city is pumping. These major cities are all huge, with multiple zones for transport. Singapore is so small! Only has a CBD.

We end up in a HDB looking place as our accommodation for the night. Small apartments. But it’s nice and cozy. Then comes the search for good German food… But all the good places are booked and full so we head to a Greek place. The salad comes and it’s fresh with a variation of colour and a good amount of thousand island dressing. Interestingly enough it’s garnished with pepper and some other spices, giving it a well, spicy flavour. A touch of mustard, I think. Certainly excites the appetite! There’s a shot of ouzo, Greek liquor, as an aperitif. Being the wuss that I am, I take a sip. It’s like super pure vodka, with a strong clean taste that rushes to the back of your throat, with hints of lime and mint. It tastes fierce. I’ve also ordered a cup of Greek coffee, which is super brown and looks to have the consistency of hot chocolate. It’s hardcore! The strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted, super black, filling your mouth with a mega coffee taste. The purest coffee I’ve ever tasted. It comes with something like Turkish delight, a almond-nougat sweet which is perfect with the coffee. I like Greek food.

The main comes, an entire plate of meat. I first try a pork kebab – its called souvlaki. I expect it to be like satay, but it’s juicy moist and full of flavour, and not over cooked. It’s done with an olive oil and herby marinade so it’s really tasty! Then there’s sliced lean pork collar, lean and well, porky – gyros. It goes well with a delicately fresh sour cream and spring onion sauce (tzatziki), but paired wit sweet fresh onion slices it’s heavenly. I really like Greek food. The next piece of meat is a thin slice of calf liver, done with herbs and olive oil. It’s so soft it nearly melts when the knife touches it, yet still springy when chewed. It is a shy flavour, far less aggressive the other two meats, something like chicken liver. It is a flavour that you have to let come to you, not search for it. The last is a minced beef/pork combo patty. It is more brash than any of the others, teasing with chewy fat and dense meat. Oooooh! Next we nervously get ready to knock down the ouzo… It is super pure and hot, smoother than anything I’ve ever tried. It burns! Then warms up your whole system. Whoa. Not touching any more of it, too fierce.

Now I’m looking back into the coffee cup and it is super black and it looks like the depths of caffeinated doom… Good thing I’m not too affected by it. Coffee is great man. If this is what Greek food is like I have to visit. One day. But what’s this? The restaurant owner is giving us a dessert on the house (so was the ouzo). It’s ultra thick and milky and creamy, not buttery, not sticky, but the colour of freshly spread butter. Slightly sweet, with little bits of doughy stuff inside. There’s a touch of caramel-custard flavour to it, dancing on the edges of the tongue. Covered in a generous amount of dark chocolate sauce, it lives up to the ‘it’s very good’ that the boss says it is! A good ending to a long day.


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