halfway through the first day

day one in london has been very epic and it is not even over yet. i have taken the Tube a long long way and i am now in the city near King’s Cross.

now the wonderful thing about london is that the temperature is 20 degrees and the wind is delicious. imagine going to a wet market in that weather… borough market is truly epic. it is full of wonderful delicious food with burgers that are filled with cheese and sizzling onions and beef and three types of mustard. the wind and the smells of food intermingling. and it’s not rushed, it bustles along at a happy pace. and guess what there are cups of fresh cherries for ONE POUND! i happily ate my cup of cherries. oh dear. cherry red is really a colour which cannot be described by anything else.

walking through london is really nice. there’s all this brick buildings, very old school. you never see it in singapore. its like i’m living in a place that i’ve only read about or lived out in my imagination. whoa!! i saw St. Paul’s Cathedral and the closer i got to it, the more epic is was. it is epic. it is monumental. it dominates the surrounding architecture. it has presence. it speaks of victorian-era architecture and grandeur which is influenced by the romans which is influenced by the greeks… the history of human civilization in architectural form, and the best part is that it comes back to haunt the streets of singapore and we see all our own colonial-era buildings. whoa. who says history is dead? history is ALIVE!

tate modern was epic too. only saw the outside but it is a strange building. a brick facade, old and worn, but it’s framed by a strangely incongruous glass facade. it stands up defiantly in the sky. tate modern doesn’t look like it belongs in london, but it does. i will certainly go inside one day… museums fascinate me. but right now my brain is drained, not enough juice to thoroughly appreciate a museum.

last thing i have seen in half a day – THE GLOBE!!! the place of The Bard. enough said. oh my. the weight of centuries of literature…

okay. more to come! i seem to be writing at an incredible rate.


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