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why despicable me 2 is awesome

now. this might be hard to accept but i’m going to say it anyway

i enjoyed watching despicable me 2 more than man of steel or star trek. there. i said it.

i am still trying to decide which of them is the best movie of the year so far. going to watch pacific rim soon so hopefully that will be good!

now. why is despicable me so awesome?

spoilers ahead, so consider yourselves warned.

firstly i must say that despicable me 2 is full of cliches. it is predictable. certainly. that is part of the appeal – you already know the good guy is going to win, and you know from the very obvious foreshadowing that he is going to get the girl, and he will save the day. that’s the premise, right? but i must say that the predictability is deliciously unpredictable – you know whats going to happen but you cant see HOW it is going to happen. and it always happens with a twist. cliches with a twist. ahhh! the magic of discovery rediscovered. extremely wonderful. see? cliches are cliches because cliches work.

the film also combines an absolutely smorgasbord of genres. gotta love how so many things are covered in just about a 100 minutes! one scene that really sticks out in my head is the gunship scene where the good doctor leads an assault gunship into the evil fortress… there are parts which are wickedly reminiscent of Attack of the Clones, right down to the rickety-shiny-metallic-oversized design of the gunship (very nicely characteristically Dr. Nefario-tech), which is shaped rather much like a clone assault gunship. right down to the overhanging side sponson cannons. ah! the shot of edith’s glee at wielding a fully automatic mounted weapon is also classic. how badass is that? every guy in the cinema wants to be edith. then interspersed in that sequence is a shot from edith’s POV, where we get to see the targeting system and the targets, and the EFFECT of a supreme rate of fire. so video-game like! wow! but it’s all a game to edith. oh man. the layers and layers and layers are like a well done triple-decker chocolate cake. delectable.

then we have that slightly creepy alien contact scene where the gelato truck comes along… it is slightly creepy, especially when the shot moves to the three innocent bystanding kids. oh my. but minions are awesome.

gru’s ‘i’m in love’ sequence was incredible. super wonderful. oh my! it was the very definition of feel-good… without any of that fake saccharine sweetness. then when it goes bad he walks home in the rain… and it is just very horrible. but especially well crafted.

another thing to look out for is the superspy sequence, where they go sneaking around and end up eating salsa sauce. oh my! agent wilde is simply adorable in her blundering about as a highly trained and slightly inept spy. wonderful. ahhh. i really like this movie.

so you have bunches of different genres being welded and molded together to fit quite nicely together. and when you can’t… what do you do? you have MINIONS.

one of the lovely things about the film is that it is unabashedly about the minions and the sheer hilarity that ensues from their antics. no excuses, no lame plot devices or anything, just good old fashioned focus on the minions and the nonsense they are up to. this is the first time in a long time that i am laughing out loud in the cinema at what is happening on the screen, and not because it is stupid or has some unintended effect. i know the minions are supposed to make me laugh in a certain way… and i react in the way that it is planned. masterfully crafted comic material.

and the best part? the final sequence of the movie. the happily ever after part. oh dear. oh DEAR!!!!!! it is a credit to the film that i did not turn up my nose and roll my eyes at the final marriage scene, and instead smiled along with everyone else. but the minion boyband and YMCA was just ultra funny. i was dying at the entire boyband spoof and the minion mass dance was hilarious. oh dear. minions are win. underwear…

last 2 points:

all this results in an unwilling suspension of disbelief to turn into a more than willing one, and

agnes is adorable and is the ultimate conflict, emotional-high-trigger, deus ex machina, and resolution all in one. she rocks.

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