so you think you have what it takes…

as timmy puts it… ‘now they have tuition for NS also’.

there’s BMT preparation. which might help, yes. everyone has to go through it.

but to have something that is designed to get you into OCS?

what scares me here is that what the company is selling is getting INTO OCS.

that’s not the hard part. 9 or 13 weeks in BMT isn’t a long time, and if u wayang the right amount, are reasonably fit, have slightly above average willpower and determination, and have okay grades, i’m guessing it’s possible to get into OCS if you want to.

but if you sell the notion of getting into OCS because OCS is ‘the best’ (once again the kiasu singaporean mentality, the nasty side of it)

that’s wrong.

yes it’s not wrong to want to do well, to be an officer, to see if you have what it takes. heck, that’s what i did. i wanted to be johnny rico from my favourite novel. i didn’t want to just be a regular grunt, i wanted to be an officer! and i was privileged enough to be one. and i will be the first person to tell you that i wasn’t an incredible officer. i was… pretty so-so. not great. but i tried. i can say with a clear conscience that i did my duty. i have regrets, yes, but i have my points of pride, and i did my job.

but if there’s one thing i know about OCS, it’s not about the getting into OCS. it’s not even about the getting THROUGH. 9 months of what seems like crap might be tough but if you want to, you can get it done. it’s about what comes after.

it’s about being an officer, and being responsible for your men. knowing that you are really responsible for life and death, training morale and discipline, their welfare, their nights out and offs, their leave, their ippt, their marksman, their family, their future plans, their bunks, their health, and everything. OCS does what it can to prepare you for that, but the most important thing is that you must WANT to do it. you must be mentally prepared and ready to be Responsible.

if you come along thinking that you’re going to buy a magic formula to become an officer then i think you’re wrong. cliche as it may be the formula is inside yourself and you’ve got to want it. its like assessment books. no amount of assessment books, no matter how good they are, are going to make you a good student if you don’t want to do well. except doing well is a personal choice.

doing well is a personal choice. if you don’t, well, that’s on you. its personal consequences.

being an officer, well yeah, it’s a personal choice. in OCS it is repeatedly drummed into you that you are there because you CHOSE to be there. and for good reason. because if you don’t do your job, it’s not personal consequences. it’s gonna be consequences for every man under you whose parents have effectively entrusted to you. sons of the nation, quite literally, under your charge, and you are going to be accountable, whether you like it or not.

that’s why to me, the idea of selling officership, of even selling a book that is going to help you qualify for OCS… that’s wrong man. that’s just wrong. at some very basic level, it offends me. it’s just not right.

you want to be an officer… go ahead. but do it on your own. prove your own mettle. if you don’t have what it takes, don’t. if you’re going to ‘buy’ officership to satisfy your own personal desire, without being aware of what it entails, don’t. you’re just going to make some people suffer unknowningly, and they can’t do anything about it – exactly the opposite of what an officer is supposed to do. the creed says ‘I lead my men by example. I answer for their training, morale, and discipline.’ when you’re ready to do that then you go prove yourself. i’m all for that. but somehow buying a book for the purposes of getting into OCS… that’s just wrong.

now, reading the book for insights, information, sure. but packaging in it such a manner? man… i don’t feel too good about it, if you ask me.



4 thoughts on “so you think you have what it takes…

  1. doppel says:

    character building in a 5d course, sign me up

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