Life is like a piece of string

So I went to camp yesterday, with more than the requisite amount of complaining done about having to return to camp on a school day. My free day no less. But then I guess there is always a sense of pride from putting on your uniform… Walking into public and making sure that your uniform looks good because you are representing the army. So must be steady la. So off I go to kent ridge mrt to take the train to Boon Lay then a cab to pasir laba.

Turned out to be quite a fascinating journey.

I was extremely conscious of wearing my number 4. Must stand properly. Must stand up straight. Cannot slouch on the wall. Must be a good representation and conform to public perception of what a serviceman should ideally be like… Even if he is already an NSman. But then I did it because I want to and I see the importance in that. But I was rather self conscious.

On the mrt there was this kid and his mum. He keeps looking at my pixelated stuff… Ha. I smile at him then smile at his mum. His mum smiles back. The kid turns away shyly and buries his face in his mum. He’s about 7 I think. His mum says ‘one day it’ll be your turn. It will be fun huh?’ She says ‘how about the Air Force? You like planes right?’ It was nice. And the kid nods his head. Hooray! Supportive citizenry? Maybe this is a good time to note that said kid had blonde hair and goes to the Canadian international school. Mum had an accent too. Say why you want about too many foreigners but hey this guy is gonna do NS and he has supportive parents? Yeah maybe I’m generalizing everyone but I think… A kid like this. With a mum like this. That’s what we need.

Then at Boon Lay I was in the mad long taxi queue. I was outside the designated queue area… The queue had extended. This woman was in front of me. She had two trolleys of ntuc stuff. There’s about 20 people to the front of the queue. So when she reaches the designated queue area she motions for me to move ahead. I’m like, what? I motion for her to no please, go ahead. She says ‘remember I am in front of you’ and she motions to her trolley. So I assume she wants me to queue for her… No problem. She got trolley anyhow. But a few taxis later she cuts the queue. Man. I dunno what she is thinking but it’s just no go. Queue cutting.

Taxi driver in the cab to camp was listening to a hymn. Taxi driver from camp to mrt was listening to a sermon. How rare is this! Maybe just coincidence but I’ve never had this happen before. Talked to the second driver a bit… Taxi drivers are veritable fountains of wisdom.

Meanwhile I learnt that if you don’t wear your boots for a long time they will spoil… Even if they are brand new. I need to buy new boots before the next call up.

At DND this magician guy was doing some trick with a bit of string and talking about how life is like the string… Pretty good analogy too. All philosophical and heart warming. Good act. Except what I would have done would be to talk even more nonsense about it and in the end. Pull the string into small bits and end with ‘life is short’.


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