the greatest force in the universe

o wonderful chocolate i love you so

your goodness reaches even to my toe

my tastebuds already anticipate your delightful tickle

towards you i will never be fickle

please come overwhelm all my senses

break past all my gastronomic defenses

you mix well with your friends Fruit and Nut

Mint, Liquor, Ice Cream and Tart

each bite and nibble and lick of the lip

makes me wish i sailed a chocolate ship

be you in cookie or brownie or pieces of cake

to eat you i’d swim a chocolate lake

then i’d bathe in a chocolate river

my doctor says its good for my liver

i would even climb a mountain

just to drink from a chocolate fountain

then take a ride down a chocolate slide

me and you, nothing will divide

none of my children ever bickers

because their diet contains much Snickers

if bullets were chocolate there would be no war

we’d be trading flavours, not missiles or more

chocolate’s the building block of world peace

if everyone ate it all fighting would cease

i know why aliens all want to conquer earth

on their planets there’s a chocolate dearth

is there anything else so divine?

so rich, so pure, so gloriously fine?

nothing better graces the light of day

there’s a reason why our galaxy’s the Milky Way

Dune might have sandworms and sacred spice

but we have the essence of everything nice

the Sith and Jedi fight over the Force

chocolate will unite them in due course

the fate of Middle-Earth might be at stake

but Frodo still needs his Kit Kat break

chocolate’s the thing that makes the world tick

eat enough of it and you’ll never fall sick

don’t just sit there and salivate

the next order of business is to get a plate

i promise you the next line will be the last:

go get some chocolate now, and get it fast!


2 thoughts on “the greatest force in the universe

  1. doppel says:

    you mean dark chocolate right

  2. zacharylow says:

    what else?

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