computer games

there’s this inter-school challenge on Garena for League of Legends and for the first stage RI is tops.

so the results are posted on facebook and then the whole picture has lots of comments with ‘wow ri can study but i didn’t know they can play’ and stuff like ‘wah i thought they study only got time play meh’

oh pleaseeeeeeeeee

times like this

well. there’s just too much stereotyping in singapore schools. advantages of an elite education yada yada

aiya. it just irks me that’s all. so you mean if i have good grades, it means i can’t be good at computer games, i can’t be good at sports, i can’t talk to girls, i can only study? ok can. score one for human jealousy, envy, and narrow mindedness… all of which i am also complicit to, by virtue of this post. sobering insights indeed


One thought on “computer games

  1. whirlychick says:

    But you dont have good grades for math and you still dont really know how to talk to girls…….

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