basketball and music

So this year I have decided that I will learn to play the guitar. From my sister.

When I said that I will learn from her, she said she will give me a ‘holistic education’ in music. She will teach me ‘all that she knows’. She says I must learn music theory.

Music theory? Whatever for???

I said, that’s like teaching me to shoot a jump shot but making me learn the physics of it. I don’t need physics to shoot a hoop. I don’t need it.

She said, no! You need music theory.

Why? It doesn’t make sense. As long as I know the game, I can pass, dribble, and shoot, I can play. Same thing right? I know the song, I know the chords, I can play.

But noooooo! Music theory is more than that. I said, if I can pass the ball, means I can pass the ball. Sister said, well, if you can pass the ball to me, that’s good. But you know can chest pass! What if someone else comes in and you have to pass to them, and it has to be a bounce pass? You can’t do it. But if you know what a pass is about then you can adapt.

It’s like playing man to man, and zone. It’s different, but it’s still defense. You need to understand defensive principles. So you can play many songs and many schemes.

Ah! Music is more complicated than I thought. Very much so. One can only try.


One thought on “basketball and music

  1. YH says:

    your sister is very very wise

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