jedi powers

today while talking to bor ray i said ‘i want to be a jedi knight’.

but using the Force doesn’t solve anything. a good jedi doesn’t use his powers for his own personal ends. a good jedi seeks balance in the Force, and to do good.

this is incredibly difficult.

do consider this scenario: you, dear reader, exist in reality as we know it today. now, arm yourself with a wide variety of Force powers, including being able to influence minds, perform incredible physical feats such as not breathing and jumping insane distances, throw Force lightning, levitate, telekinesis, Force pull, Force push, battle meditation. Add to all these an aura of mystery and the coolness of belonging to an exclusive, elite order, with all the bravura that comes with it. top it off with wielding a lightsaber, a weapon for ‘a more civilized age’, capable of cutting through nearly anything, deflecting blaster bolts, and being cool in general.

now, all these powers make you well nigh invincible, do they not? basically you can get anything you want, do anything you want, without anyone really being able to oppose you. if you can’t do it with diplomacy and mind-control, you can always opt for ‘aggressive negotiations’ with your lightsaber and Force lightning, if you so choose to. Alternatively you can use your Force-enhanced piloting skills to fly your StealthX fighter and rain down fiery death and proton torpedoes from the atmosphere.

but you see, this isn’t what being a jedi knight is about. it’s about self-control, and being able to choose to do the right thing. often it is about not using your powers. i mean it. put yourself in that position. think of all the problems you have. wouldn’t having an array of Force abilities solve a lot of things? but would it be right?

it is even harder to have self-control and self-awareness, when you know that you are equipped to do anything you want. but that discipline and self-control is what sets the jedi apart. often we revel in unleashed carnage and mayhem and we possess some degree of fascination with uncontrolled power (why else do we like all the explosions that come with the bad guy’s rampage in any movie), but true heroism is in having power, yet using it judiciously. think Luke, think Optimus Prime. These dudes!

and it translates to real life? yeah, maybe we don’t have proton torpedoes, lightsabers, or the ability to transform into a totally badass, city-levelling, cannon-toting 30 ton engine of destruction, but we are armed with human willpower and choice. and it makes a difference. we can do things, but are we doing the right thing? man. life is tough. but everyone’s a hero inside – its whether you want to be one or not.


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