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life is primarily pain

Haven’t blogged for a long time. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the ‘I’ key on my keyboard spoilt. I’m typing this from my phone. The wonders of technology!

It has struck me that life is full of suffering. Life is not a bed of roses. It is not sunshine and butterflies and flowers and shipped cream. Life is pain blood death and suffering, war and famine and flood, disaster sickness and heartbreak, grief and tears and sleepless nights.

We grow up thinking that life is great, life is sheltered. Because it is true. We are kept sheltered (for most of the part). And then as we grow up and we are exposed to the forces of the world, that thin veneer of illusion is torn away, reluctantly, like a spiderweb in the jungle that sticks on your face as you bash towards your destination. And we see that life is tough. It is thorns and burns and scratches, it is briars and bushes and trenches, no field of pretty flowers to be found. It is potholes of despair and rivers of sadness, with nary a bridge in sight. No oasis of calm to be found, no verdant arboreal place for you to find solace in the shade.

Think about it. Like really stop to ask yourself about life. It’s tough, right? And it applies to everyone.

But that, I think, is the point. All this pain is painful yes, but it is not necessarily bad. It is a contrast. It exists, I dare say, to make us realize how precious the good things are. Things we take for granted are actually so rare and should be treasured. The trickle of water down your throat, giving you life, pouring the potential for greater things into your veins… How often do we stop to savour all this?

I have a rough and vague awareness that I am philosophizing and what I am saying cannot be a generalization. But perhaps when we come to accept that life is not as nice as we would like it to be, when we accept that life is inevitably going to be tough: then we can get on with really enjoying life and living it to the fullest, appreciating all the small things past and present. Anticipating how hurts and pains shape us and mould us and how future joys are sweeter because we know how precious they are. Reminiscing the past and keeping it alive through memory because we don’t forget the good stuff.

How sobering! Yet how strange. When we can laugh at ourselves and our own weakness and inadequacy then we can begin to let go of expectations and human chains and just go forth.


how can one be so happy and yet so sad at the same time? tears can mingle in the strangest ways.

sem break is here

Holidays! Finally.

Holidays are what you make of them.

No choice. Gotta do it.