glad to be alive (and breakfast)

in the midst of general gloom and doom and bluesy-ness and exams and yada yada, something interesting happened today

i was queuing for my usual portion of hall food (yeah, hall food) and i was scooping my rice and lo, i bumped into a jaystine. who, upon looking at me, said, ‘eh, why you look so glum’

to which i replied, life is tough

and she said ‘why sad? you’re a cheerful guy’

and then she smiled and walked off.

what words of wisdom! indeed there are many things to be happy for, things that put things into perspective. i am overusing the word thing here but yeah you get the idea. i hope. so i sat down with my plate of hall food, and then i looked out into the world at pgp through the windows of the dining hall. sitting there and wondering about stuff in general. which translates into staring blankly into space

and i guess life is good eh? you don’t have to have to be having good things all the time.

over dinner shuchin borray and i were gushing about the Hullett Memorial Library, that most hallowed repository of information and goodness that is the library of my dear alma mater. and yes i realised that truly, it is good to have experienced the HML. to have walked through those portals is a blessing. i have now realised that the ‘feel’ of the HML is something i want to re-create in my house next time. one of my dreams is to have a library/study room in my house. two or three wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with good stuff and things that i have read… warm lighting, snug sofa, a nice carpet, wooden furniture… whoa! the mini-HML. wonderful.

also it is good to simply be alive and walking. it is great to walk. if you have never enjoyed walking before… i suggest you enjoy it. having been injured before and unable to walk i have come to appreciate how great it is simply to be able to move on your own two feet and not require any other assistance. great stuff.

it’s just good to be alive. alive and typing, alive and doing something. alive and being able to experience stuff. some people talk about the depth of human experience. the extremes of emotion that people go to, etc etc. sadness and joy and grief and pain and fun in the sun, et cetera. count it a blessing to experience all these eh? there is no basis for comparison. it simply just is.

perhaps that is the point. there is no need for a point in the first place, one can just simply live? nah. i take that back. man is created to live for something bigger than self. but in that living, it’s not all about purpose… well yes it is, but i guess don’t just stop to smell the flowers on the wayside and say hey flower, you look pretty good today. stop and talk to the flower and take time to look at all the other flowers! somehow this analogy is kind of insufficient. the road should be amongst the flowers, and always coloured by the sky. rain or shine doesn’t matter because no matter what you have the weather. you have to weather the weather, whether you like it or not. ah, wordplay! how fun. see. wordplay is one of those things that exists for the sake of existing… because it is delightful. ah! that is the word. delight. delight in life! in simply delighting in delight. a chocolate moment… ah! i like how eating chocolate is always for the sake of eating chocolate.

being alive means you can eat the Breakfast of Champions, which is what i have started to concoct recently. for some reason nobody agrees with it. but i shall detail how it is done and you can judge for yourself. perhaps you can suggest some additions to it.

first, start off with granola. pour a generous helping into plate.

second, add grapes.

third, add nuts. the more varied the better. i have been pouring Nature’s Wonders THE ROYAL MIX into my bowl… almonds cashews pistachios macadamias walnuts. mega.

fourth, add some chopped dark chocolate. been using cadbury old gold.

fifth, break up some digestive biscuits (also dark chocolate) and add them in.

mix all the dry stuff evenly so it is nicely spread.

now pour yoghurt generously over everything.

we’re not done yet! for it to truly become the breakfast of champions, something extra is required… known as MILO POWDER.

what you do now is put as much milo powder as you want onto your yoghurt. i use about three tablespoons. heaped tablespoons. milo is great.

then you have chocolate flavoured everything! woohoo!

a glass of milo + milk on the side is great.

can’t go wrong with a breakfast like that… wash it down with a persimmon and a plum and then a bottle of water. wonderful.


is it not great to be alive! having fun concocting all this by looking at my food shelf and throwing in everything i can find. somehow it all fits together. things are designed to do so. and then eating all of it.

yeah. reading and enjoying reading and being able to see and think and such.

so many things! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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