sometimes i don’t know why i go play sports when i know i am not going to enjoy it anyway. i go play to relax and unwind but when i hit the court i tell myself i have to do this, do that, play like this, play like that, then in the end i end up stressing myself because i couldn’t do what i wanted to do. just played floorball and feeling pretty crappy about it. make a play, beat the guy, lose the ball, miss the passing window, turnover, run back, lose the man, concede a goal. freaking frustrating and disappointing. one step forward two steps back.


2 thoughts on “bah

  1. doppel says:

    that’s why you don’t play multiplayer games if you’re looking to destress. at least, not directly competitive ones. no choice let’s play runescape

  2. muddy says:

    Hi Zachary, looks like you’re involved in alot of sports this semester! Agree with doppel, time to get a good dose of running/swimming/cycling/paddling! (:

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