p is for poem

poetry is fun.

how does one express it? there is something very beautiful about words and crafting verses and lines to make them work in a certain way. it is extremely hard and sometimes the result is far from what you intended or envisioned but it is still wonderful.

i guess this is as close to craftsmanship or becoming skilled at something that i can get.

like how i always am in awe of people who can sing. or can play an instrument really well. sometimes even two instruments! or dancers. or people who can DRAW (that’s the most epic). or paint. create stuff! stand up comedy. impromptu.

there is a dedication to craft borne of a sublime mix of talent and hard work that yields a wonderful fruit for general consumption. a public good, in economic terms, except it goes way beyond that. simply delightful. creating joy for others. that act of creation for others – a most selfless act which possesses a simplicity and purity of direction and design that is just so wonderful to behold and to enjoy. ah!

and so recently i have begun to scribble some verses and stuff. it is a great distraction when class is boring. or when i don’t feel like paying attention.

i wish i paid more attention in poetry class though. then i would be better able to apply what i have learnt.

meter, rhyme, word length, punctuation, the rules of certain forms, experimenting with mixing forms, deliberately ignoring or modifying form, playing with effect, references…

all these! so fun

there is a certain amateurish pride in it. it is very exciting. painstakingly crafting verses and dreaming up words and thinknig how everything stitches together.

i have got to say (after a long long while) that i have finally decided that i can truly say that i enjoy poetry.

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