everyone needs someone

i do think each one of us

every single person here on earth

needs someone.

it is something i have observed in people around me

people i don’t know

fictional characters

and ultimately myself

everyone, mind you, every single one of us

needs someone who you can share everything with

someone you would want to share everything with

someone you would enjoy sharing everything with

and that person would know that you wanted to and enjoyed doing so

and that person would do the same thing

someone you would do things for. and just because you wanted to

that when you are doing something awesome. when you are experiencing something you really like and appreciate

you’d suddenly think that it would be so nice to have someone to share it with

and want that to happen

someone you’d want to put your arm around

someone you’d offer yourself as support. a pillar to lean on

knowing that you can lean back too

someone you would hope in and hope with

someone to laugh at and laugh with

someone to cry on and cry for

someone to live with and live for

and you would know that

that person would do the same. feels the same

oh this isn’t meant to be verse of any sort. i did not intentionally create a pseudo-poem or whatever, it just happens that i felt the need for individual lines and paragraphs and a lack of punctuation.

there exists in each one of us a deep yearning for that… fellowship. that companionship. a sense of companionship that goes beyond brotherhood (i am unqualified to comment on sisterhood in general) and camaraderie.

i guess that’s why people read love stories. why we all go awwwwww and mushy gooey gooey when we read about successful romances and epic things that happen. because under all the hardened cynical layers (i hope you don’t have those layers though) that characterizes modern romance (what a sweeping statement. which is not true also. i’m just saying it so that you can ask yourself whether you are guilty of such a charge), everyone needs someone.

and all in good time. because even though we all need someone, nobody knows who the someone is

so the only thing we can do is trust. some people trust in blind luck or true love or fate and destiny

but i place my hope in Christ alone. knowing that even without the mortal someone. God is there for me. knowing that in Him i can find all that my human heart desires – and more.

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