imperial march

to march in step to the glorious majesty of the imperial march…

if you don’t know what it is, here’s a youtube video for you to understand.

to wear those boots and have on a set of full dress stormtrooper whites, with helmet gleaming and blaster rifle clean…

to stand ramrod straight but inevitably tremble at the onset of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith!!!

to know that you are a member of the finest fighting force that the galaxy has to offer. to be one of the 501st – Vader’s Fist!

some days, i wish i were a stormtrooper. today is one of those days.

i wish i lived the life of a trooper. to be happily ensconced in the life of the regiment, to be one with the brothers of my own squad and the brothers of my platoon. to know that you are but an extension of a larger body that eat drinks sleeps fights wins and dies together. to know that each and every joker wearing the imperial crest and the patch of the 501st will do the same for you.

war! that most ignoble and terrible of things that brings out the best and brightest in the human soul.

but you can be any kind of soldier if you want to experience that. why a stormtrooper?

stormtroopers project an aura of menace. that badass helmet… wow. it says a lot. i wish i had a stormtrooper shirt. right now my phone lock screen is a picture of a Vitruvian Stormtrooper. extremely amusing.

but along with that menace is an undeniably comic undercurrent. there is no fighting force as comic as stormtroopers. oh the plight of the stormtrooper! never to win a battle, and always to lose to poorly equipped and not-as-well-trained rebel troops. despite superior numbers, tactics, and weaponry, always condemned to lose because of forces beyond their mortal ken, i.e., the machinations of the scriptwriter. there is a sad inevitability to the existence of a stormtrooper. but all we can do in the face of such inevitability is to laugh – the comic condition thus sunders us of the meaningless sadness that would otherwise plague our souls.

to be a stormtrooper means to acknowledge that you are at the whims of higher forces, of fate, that no matter what you do, you can’t really change your destiny. because your destiny is to die in a horrific firefight, so horrific because you, the finest fighting forces of the Empire, fall prey to wooden logs and primitive contraptions of lesser races like Ewoks. being a stormtrooper, though, isn’t just about that. if it were about that, stormtroopers would just surrender. but stormtroopers never give up – they forge forth, despite knowing that they will lose (come on, don’t tell me stormtroopers don’t read the news). once more into the breach must be the unofficial motto of the galactic stormtrooper corps. one of the aphorisms for all young stormtrooper recruits must be ‘when you see a lightsaber, run’. that’s pretty true. wonder why nobody ever listens. probably because no stormtrooper who sees a lightsaber will ever make it back to stormtrooper academy to pass on that pearl of wisdom. then again, Carida has already been destroyed by Kyp Durron in his youth.

being a stormtrooper means that you have the licence to do silly things. because that’s what stormtroopers do. that’s why stormtroopers are lovable… because even though you know they represent the physical manifestation of the evil Empire, as individuals, stormtroopers are just blokes and dudes and guys on the street. and they make mistakes. silly mistakes. mistakes which they can laugh at because everyone laughs at them.

being a stormtrooper… is being human. fighting for something bigger while maintaining your own individuality within the context of a larger group which you know you can trust. which you will place your life life. and making mistakes because you know you will… and then keep going on because you know you must.

now where’s my blaster rifle cleaning kit?


note: uploaded another essay. heh. pray let me bask in the decidedly undeserved glow of my own glory. thanks.

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