home court advantage

So I just came home and got out of the shower and decided I had to blog.

Walking back home from the bus stop I have to walk across the local neighbourhood basketball court – the place where I grew up in my basketball life. The place where I started out as a runt and got bullied and the place where I became a local fixture along with the other guys who live around the place – people I know only as Louis, Gabriel, Ping, and Bart. These are the people I’m just used to playing with against other dudes who come to our court to play. It’s our court, man. We live here.

There’s a sense of easy camaraderie and how we know where each other stands in life. Like today I asked Bart about how his a level prep was going. Gabriel asked me about how uni year 2 is. Cool stuff. And we remember little things about each other.

Basketball is a sport about people. I learnt how to play inside from Gabriel, learnt how to side step and push a layup from Louis, watched Bart grow from a skinny Indian kid to a beast of a player. 1.9m of swift destruction. With a smile.

One of the things I miss about staying at home is the court downstairs and the people on it. That’s why today even though I was wearing slippers, I had to stop and chat and of course end up playing against some random dudes who were all friends. When it came to choosing teams it was pretty obvious who was going to play with who-

After all, you’ve got to defend your home court.


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