games we play

so this week is the start of inter-block games in hall – something my friends and i have long laboured for and now it is finally coming to fruition. lets’ hope it goes well.

but yesterday was floorball females in hall. honestly i went down not expecting much – i thought i would go because

a) i’m the guys vice captain and i have to be there

b) i’m in sports comm i have to be there

so basically i went there to show face la.

but of course these things never turn out the way you think they will.

i think it’s safe to say nobody anticipated the level of intensity that the games would take, the amount of pride at stake and the effort left out on the court. suffice to say that wai kit and i were shouting our voices hoarse from the sidelines for the F block girls. and every single one of them was totally invested into the game. regardless of whether they were playing more minutes, or less, or whatever expectations they were dealing with. all of them hit the court running and playing as a team. at first i thought we wouldn’t win overall – sure, we had a lot of people, but we never had the clear-cut best player on the court at any time.

but in the end we won, after sticking to our game plan and playing hard.

the feeling after we clinched the top place atop the standings – oh my!

i like this photo. its right after the game, and you can see all of them smiling like mad women. woohoo!

totally captured what it means to play IBG. play the game the right way – play it hard, play it fair, and play it for the right motivations. proud to say the girls did all of that.



check this video out.



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