food and the past few days

have been rather busy and hence only now i have found the time to come and blog.

firstly, food!

made a trip to mu parlour – a burger shop on top of thai express in holland v.

i had the avocado, jalapeno, and (something else i can’t remember) burger.

the burger from mu parlour

the verdict?

the bread was not bad. it looked nice. it had a reasonable amount of oil (from frying it lightly, i surmise). the beef does not look amazing in the photo – however, i think it was pretty good. it tasted fresh enough, though it didn’t have that great meaty taste that characterizes good beef. definitely better than any fast food beef, but the burgers from relish are still better.

however, taking a bite of this burger was still rather pleasurable despite the just-okay beef because of the copious amounts of avocado that was provided. made it nice and squishy. the avocado went pretty well with the spicy sauce thingo that was provided – jalapeno is supposed to have been used but to me it wasn’t hot enough. blame my singaporean-tuned tastebuds for that.

the veggies weren’t mega fresh. a great burger is full of zing because the juice and grease from the meat and sauce contrasts with the burst of fresh sweetness that comes with super fresh veg. the tomato and lettuce were so-so, but there were many many many onions. which i approve of.

on the side were some standard fries, but with a garlic garnish/topping thing. the garlic stuff was tasty, but rather dry. a bit hard to eat it with the fries.

overall i guess if you like burgers (like me) then it’s worth a try. but i would go to relish rather than mu parlour. mu parlour’s prices are slightly cheaper (about 16-17 on average) but the quality is kinda lower. though i must say the decor of the place is quite nice. but it doesn’t matter… only taste does.

overall i would give it a 6/10 (which is still a bit above average). worth a shot if you want something new, but don’t expect too much.


i just read back everything and i realized that my food critiquing skills need some work. it sounds rather… bland (ha-ha). more food to come i guess.

in other news, i went to KL over the hari raya weekend.

this is what i did there.

photobooth fun!

maybe i should make this a hobby. walking into shops selling Macs and playing with the photobooth and leaving the screen as it is.

somehow it is very fun to do this sort of things. everyone needs to do this once in a while. the whole world would be a happier place if everyone loosened their figurative social protocol belts.


in other news, school is already in week 2 and i am already behind on my readings. this is not a favourable state of affairs. hence my ending the post here. readings here i come!


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