on the NSF who died in brunei

today i was in the gym and i heard over the radio the news about the NSF who died in brunei – they found the body at 2.55am, 200m from his last known location.

heart goes out to that young man and his family.

nothing can replace the son, brother, platoonmate and friend who is lost.

may we all treat this death with respect, and spend a moment thanking him (and the thousands of other unsung heroes) for his willingness to do his service to his country, despite the possibility of such happening,

instead of flaming the SAF on shaky ground, for the sake of flaming the army. there is no sergeant or officer who ever wants their men to MIA or KIA. especially not in brunei, where every single moment you are aware of the fact that the Jungle is around you, and that means you better be taking extra care. respect also the fact that his commanders are feeling the most guilt right now. i don’t know what happened but my gut feeling is, sometimes these things just happen. it’s like how a super-fit super-experienced soldier can suddenly collapse and die in the middle of a simple route march. you just can’t stop freak accidents.

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