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games we play

so this week is the start of inter-block games in hall – something my friends and i have long laboured for and now it is finally coming to fruition. lets’ hope it goes well.

but yesterday was floorball females in hall. honestly i went down not expecting much – i thought i would go because

a) i’m the guys vice captain and i have to be there

b) i’m in sports comm i have to be there

so basically i went there to show face la.

but of course these things never turn out the way you think they will.

i think it’s safe to say nobody anticipated the level of intensity that the games would take, the amount of pride at stake and the effort left out on the court. suffice to say that wai kit and i were shouting our voices hoarse from the sidelines for the F block girls. and every single one of them was totally invested into the game. regardless of whether they were playing more minutes, or less, or whatever expectations they were dealing with. all of them hit the court running and playing as a team. at first i thought we wouldn’t win overall – sure, we had a lot of people, but we never had the clear-cut best player on the court at any time.

but in the end we won, after sticking to our game plan and playing hard.

the feeling after we clinched the top place atop the standings – oh my!

i like this photo. its right after the game, and you can see all of them smiling like mad women. woohoo!

totally captured what it means to play IBG. play the game the right way – play it hard, play it fair, and play it for the right motivations. proud to say the girls did all of that.



check this video out.



food and the past few days

have been rather busy and hence only now i have found the time to come and blog.

firstly, food!

made a trip to mu parlour – a burger shop on top of thai express in holland v.

i had the avocado, jalapeno, and (something else i can’t remember) burger.

the burger from mu parlour

the verdict?

the bread was not bad. it looked nice. it had a reasonable amount of oil (from frying it lightly, i surmise). the beef does not look amazing in the photo – however, i think it was pretty good. it tasted fresh enough, though it didn’t have that great meaty taste that characterizes good beef. definitely better than any fast food beef, but the burgers from relish are still better.

however, taking a bite of this burger was still rather pleasurable despite the just-okay beef because of the copious amounts of avocado that was provided. made it nice and squishy. the avocado went pretty well with the spicy sauce thingo that was provided – jalapeno is supposed to have been used but to me it wasn’t hot enough. blame my singaporean-tuned tastebuds for that.

the veggies weren’t mega fresh. a great burger is full of zing because the juice and grease from the meat and sauce contrasts with the burst of fresh sweetness that comes with super fresh veg. the tomato and lettuce were so-so, but there were many many many onions. which i approve of.

on the side were some standard fries, but with a garlic garnish/topping thing. the garlic stuff was tasty, but rather dry. a bit hard to eat it with the fries.

overall i guess if you like burgers (like me) then it’s worth a try. but i would go to relish rather than mu parlour. mu parlour’s prices are slightly cheaper (about 16-17 on average) but the quality is kinda lower. though i must say the decor of the place is quite nice. but it doesn’t matter… only taste does.

overall i would give it a 6/10 (which is still a bit above average). worth a shot if you want something new, but don’t expect too much.


i just read back everything and i realized that my food critiquing skills need some work. it sounds rather… bland (ha-ha). more food to come i guess.

in other news, i went to KL over the hari raya weekend.

this is what i did there.

photobooth fun!

maybe i should make this a hobby. walking into shops selling Macs and playing with the photobooth and leaving the screen as it is.

somehow it is very fun to do this sort of things. everyone needs to do this once in a while. the whole world would be a happier place if everyone loosened their figurative social protocol belts.


in other news, school is already in week 2 and i am already behind on my readings. this is not a favourable state of affairs. hence my ending the post here. readings here i come!

on the NSF who died in brunei

today i was in the gym and i heard over the radio the news about the NSF who died in brunei – they found the body at 2.55am, 200m from his last known location.

heart goes out to that young man and his family.

nothing can replace the son, brother, platoonmate and friend who is lost.

may we all treat this death with respect, and spend a moment thanking him (and the thousands of other unsung heroes) for his willingness to do his service to his country, despite the possibility of such happening,

instead of flaming the SAF on shaky ground, for the sake of flaming the army. there is no sergeant or officer who ever wants their men to MIA or KIA. especially not in brunei, where every single moment you are aware of the fact that the Jungle is around you, and that means you better be taking extra care. respect also the fact that his commanders are feeling the most guilt right now. i don’t know what happened but my gut feeling is, sometimes these things just happen. it’s like how a super-fit super-experienced soldier can suddenly collapse and die in the middle of a simple route march. you just can’t stop freak accidents.

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first two days of school.

as i promised… photos.

life of a lit student

first day of school and i promptly spend 208 dollars on textbooks. well. such is life. let us hope i enjoy reading those texts.

this is what i love doing at night in hall. playing floorball and having fun. floorball, however, for me is still a relaxed sport. despite this i am getting better at it and hence, i get more ticked off if i don’t play well. it’s like if i fail in soccer its expected. yada yada.

school so far is so good. work is kicking and i should get myself into gear before i crumble under the weight of accumulated readings.

also, hall is extremely busy. i miss being a freshie.

and its going to be midnight and my bedtime so GOODNIGHT EVERYONE

national day

a day past the 9th of august and i am thinking about national day, and what it means.

i was in the shower (that’s where i think all my deepest thoughts) and i was remembering important dates. this time it happened to be jeremy yam’s upcoming commissioning date: the second week of october. and then i thought about going there, and what it would mean. standing on the safti parade square, watching a new batch commission, remembering what i’ve similarly been through, and remembering that incredible feeling of throwing that peak cap in the air as they declare you a newly commissioned officer of the SAF.

but what precedes that absolute explosion of joy is the recitation of the officers’ creed, which ends with

‘i dedicate my LIFE to Singapore!’

in that moment i must admit i was not terribly cognizant of what i was saying. it was 2 weeks of rehearsals and it was the loudest i ever shouted out the creed. i meant it, too, but i didn’t fully grasp what it really meant.

dedicating your life to Singapore? it means when button press you just go, no questions asked. it means despite complaining about ICT, IPPT, RT, PT, and even OTOT, you just do it anyway because you know you have to. because you have a responsibility to, and because you want to.

a lot of older men i talk to say that yes, when the call comes, they will fight. i ask them, why? and the inevitable answer is that they will fight for their loved ones and their homes. i can’t help think that despite the apparent anti-establishmentness and disdaining of NS as an institution (‘fight for the country? no la! fight for my wife and family…’), there exists an undercurrent of national pride which is expressed in a different way.

fighting the enemy when the enemy comes – that’s inevitable. but fighting to keep the place which your family calls home – that’s a choice.

and why do i call this little red dot home?

‘little red dot’ – a derogatory term that has become a term of endearment. we glory in our little red dotness – that a little dot that is thought to be ‘another province in China’ has made it. we’ve made it in literacy rate, GDP per capita, education levels, life expectancy. you name it, we’re probably there. and there’s a sense of pride in being the successful underdog.

but why do i love home?

because home is where it’s all at.

home is my hokkien mee and char kway teow and chilli crab and sambal stingray, cooked in a singaporean way (more chilli thx), consumed in the humid evening air, in the hot kopitiam with the uncles at the edge, drinking their Tiger and watching the TV. home is orderly asphalt roads with clear road signs and greenery decorating the place – so much greenery that we automatically assume every road in the world should have rows of neatly planted trees running parallel to the direction of traffic. home is airconditioned shopping malls, complete with noise and hordes of schoolkids trawling the malls, wearing their uniforms in various ways as statements of where and what they belong to. home is the MRT, which is so awesome that once it even breaks down once, it sparks off an entire furore over how our MRT system is a failure – when my friends who study in London only now can appreciate the incredible efficiency of the MRT when compared to other train systems. home is when travelling more than 30 minutes is considered ‘long’ because our tiny island is awesomely small. home is where 20% of the existing land space is given to military training areas, which one only discovers upon entering that defining rite of singaporean manhood and singaporean-ness, as much as we hate to admit it. home is my HDB flat, where high-rise housing actually works. home is my education system, much maligned by participants (both students and parents) but the envy of many other nations. home is where singlish is the lingua franca of the void deck.

home is where i’ll be when the button is pressed. that’s why i have a flag flying from my room in hall.

and after you read this, don’t think that i’m overly patriotic, or i’m deluded and i’m a fool to believe all that the government has fed me, that i’m simply a product of an effective system.

think about the things and places you truly value, and then think about the system and the country that got those things in place. think about where you would be without it. then ask yourself, are you proud to be a Singaporean?


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