the past is alive

today my old encik talked to me on facebook. it was extremely interesting. let us be more specific: my platoon warrant officer while i was a cadet.

it was really nice that he started a conversation with me and asked me how was it going. these enciks are the heart and soul of the army… without them we are going nowhere. and its so interesting that he is going to be posting to the unit that i was in. wow!

the most incredible thing is that he addressed me as ‘sir’. i found that really amazing. i mean here is an old kick-ass soldier who is trained in so many different things and had a direct role in shaping what kind of soldiers a bunch of boys were going to be. he has the respect of the entire platoon and we speak of him in reverent tones. but still he calls us ‘sir’ out of respect for the rank. somehow i can’t justify him calling me that because i know he is a much better soldier and a leader than i am. but i don’t want to tell him to not call me that because i know it will be like an insult to his professionalism. what a boss.

even when i told him that in truth, i wasn’t a great officer and how i only learnt that it is more important to care about your men rather than how you look to your boss… he didn’t burn me or anything, but gently explained how he himself lived that out. and i think about it and its true. it doesn’t matter even if you are outranked by your boss by an entire pay grade – you gotta protect your guys.

enciks are the backbone of the army.



besides that, life is pretty alright here in hall. tiring but good to go.

i hope my avocado will ripen nicely so i can eat it for breakfast tomorrow.



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