an experiment of sorts

wordpress provides a wonderful service which allows you to see where you get all your readership from.

to date i have gotten visits from (throwing countries i remember offhand) switzerland, the UK and US (ok not so exotic considering its probably my friends who live there), australia (same), saudi arabia (cool!), croatia (what?), germany (wowz), poland, and south africa (WOW)…

just to name a few. wa wa wee wa!

anyway i have decided to do something.

i am inviting all of you, dear readers, to suggest topics which i can proceed to blog about. sometimes i run dry on inspiration or material to use.

of course suggesting it doesn’t mean i will do it la. what if its something i know nuts about and i find not interesting? then for you.

but think of it as exercise for the imagination – within certain limits, of course. all you have to do is to LEAVE A COMMENT on the NEW PAGE i am setting up (look at the taskbar). i know i know very low tech but sorry ah i not very IT-savvy. it would also be nice (if you don’t mind) to leave your name or at least some modicum of a moniker.

hope this works!


also, i updated my Playing and Reading pages.


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