of shoes and spider-man

firstly, cool thing of the day.

check it out. stormtroopers capturing some poor planet which refused the iron fist of imperial rule. long live the 501st!

which is a suitably cool enough thing for me to begin on a long and wordy discourse about myself, myself, myself.

specifically, me and my alone time.

now, alone time is a wonderful thing. once in a while everyone needs to take a chill pill from everyone else and just be alone. is it not wonderful to be yourself by yourself? no need to compromise to any choices, no need to wait for people, no need to make inane conversation… etc etc. now i’m not saying that i don’t like other people. in fact i prefer hanging out with close friends to being by myself. man, after all, is a social animal. but there is something refreshingly pure about taking time off by yourself.

so today i woke up and decided to watch Spider-Man myself. the new movie. watching the movie myself was a great experience. never done it before. probably going to do it some more. went into a 11.30am show, with only 5 other people with me in the cinema. put my feet up and draped myself all over two seats. sat back and for the first time, immersed myself into that strange detached mode of movie-watching, where you allow yourself to drown into the world created by the movie, and at the same time exist separately as the spectator watching and analyzing the movie. ever since i took that film module i can’t help by keep examining each movie even as i watch them to see how they are creating the effect they are creating. it’s a bit creepy, its like thinking two things at once. watching the movie, and watching me watching the movie.

it was great. absolutely.

but now about the Spider-Man movie.

it was REALLY GOOD. let me proceed to talk about it in some detail. or rather, proceed to give my take on what i think went well and things i have to nitpick at.


What Went Wrong

1) Flash Thompson wasn’t a big bully. he was really a character, he served more of a barometer for peter parker’s social life. could have done more. but ok no biggie.

2) Aunt May had long BLACK hair. long hair is fine (she did have long hair) but aunt may don’t have BLACK hair. and aunt may is supposed to be sterner and more badass. but i guess it didn’t affect too much. though i think the ‘peter you are good’ line was a bit overdone at the end. how can that save gwen and peter’s relationship?

3) the lizard had a humanoid face. come ON…

4) spidey’s hand to hand was so WEAK. come on man. spidey’s hand to hand is a lot better than that. it’s like he can’t even take the lizard on. spidey is capable to going toe to toe with the GREEN GOBLIN, for goodness sake’s. and the green goblin would eat the lizard for lunch… so yeah. just sayin’.

5) NO TRADEMARK SPIDEY DIALOGUE. WHAT!!! peter parker bashing on bad guys without mouthing off at them is just wrong. but then again peter parker humour is not something that everyone gets. i like it though.

other than that… the entire thing was awesome in the following ways:

1) andrew garfield totally captured the dorky peter parker effect. well done.

2) lots and lots and lots of web-swinging action. lots. if i were a New Yorker i would probably be able to appreciate it more, but all the video-game-ish jumping here and there and aerial acrobatics was really cool.

3) well choreographed fight scenes. not messy, you know exactly what is going on, steady camera, all the while capturing the violence and the action. who says you need super fast close up camera action to make the viewer feel the violence up close and personal? all it does it make people dizzy and confused.

4) sound editing was awesome. absolutely spot on and not overdone. appropriately comic in some instances (e.g. the library scene which in the words of my sister ‘BEST STAN LEE CAMEO EVER’) i’m using a lot of caps in this post.

5) gwen stacy is really pretty. emma stone = right choice. captured the funky gwen stacy look without being plastic. that’s whats awesome about the women in spidey’s life… they are real, not accessories!

6) Rear Window poster in peter parker’s bedroom. mega coolness.

the movie managed to capture the spidey essence of ‘oh boy i’m a superhero’ geekhood balanced with the ‘oh damn i’m a superhero’. the flat-out coolness and nerdhood combined with the reluctant but resolute acceptance of the responsibilities of great power… man. i love Spider-Man.

and now for… weird questions i have.

1) where does all the web fluid go to? does it dissipate? if not there’s gonna be strands of web fluid all over new york. quite a nuisance if you ask me.


gwen stacy is MEANT to die. she gives spider-man his emotional depth and his perpetual anguish and his human-ness. superman is invulnerable man. if someone takes lois lane he can just RAMBO IN and destroy them and save lois lane. spider-man… is human. has a job. is a teacher. pizza delivery. student. HE CAN’T RAMBO AROUND. so spidey moves away from people he loves. oh man. spider-man is the hero that cries the most in the comic books. gotta love him for it. he’s the only one who admits that ‘i can’t do it’ but does it anyway. people like captain america (LETS GO BABY LETS GO) are cool but spidey is vulnerable. which makes him awesome.

that said, i still like cap. happy birthday, cap. one day late, but y’know.

right. spidey post over.

okay anyway i got myself my new basketball shoes today.

let’s have a look at the adidas adizero Shadow…

which is what i got. naissssssssss.

of course if someone would have sponsored me 200 dollars i might have gotten this instead

the new adizero crazy light 2. nba.com is actually featuring it on an ad.

but then if i had 200 dollars to use on a shoe, i would have gotten THIS

oh my. the adidas originals luke skywalker hoth high-top sneakers. wow. when i saw it in queensway i thought i died and went to shoe heaven. sadly when i went back again… it was GONEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! there goes my chance to be luke skywalker, if only in shoe.

anyway being alone is like this. i walk around talking to myself and thinking of things to blog. so exciting, walking by yourself. it’s like listening to a documentary narrated by yourself. my mum says i am weird for talking to myself the whole day. which is probably true.

i did not, however, spend the whole day wandering around like a solo madman muttering to self. at one point, however, i was sitting in the queensway macdonalds (oh those golden arches which promise much clogged arteries) doing some idea-brainstorm-think-scribble session on my notebook when i heard a beautiful vocal-centric female rendition of Train’s ‘Drops of Jupiter’ over the radio. wow! macs actually plays this kind of thing.

it was one of the moments of ‘ooooh ahhhh’ which can’t really be described in words. you just feel happy listening to something nice. it’s like that time in laos, i looked out of the balcony, and the view was absolutely stunning. a slow running river, whose banks were decorated with the ubiquitous tourist hut, with towering rock massifs in the background, greenery draping them like a feather boa drapes over a dim sum dolly, creeping in and out and making itself very much part of the rock. and an overcast sky with just enough light to illuminate the fog and the moisture around the hill/mountain/relief feature thing (no idea what its called) and giving the whole thing a wonderfully ethereal quality – the kind of feeling you get when you’re in a video game and you reach the stage where you’re supposed to acquire your epic weapon, but need to get to a secret hermit mountain hideout first – that’s what it feels like, standing at the foot. so i was looking at this wonderful view and i felt the urge to take a picture of it, a reminder of God’s creation. but i guess it is right that my camera simply could not do the view justice. neither could a DSLR. some things are too epic and cannot be captured by anything other than memory and imagination.

this kind of thing you can only think about when you are alone. and it zooms through your mind so fast – speed of thought. i wonder how fast speed of thought really is.

okay it is a really long post and it is time for me to go to bed.


the nba landscape looks really exciting (i love trades) and i hope dwight howard goes to the nets. d-will, joe johnson, gerald wallace, random power forward free agent, and dwight… with some free agent dudes. i mean, if the heat can win with a collect of old swingmen, you’re telling me a team with d-will and dwight as its core and flanked by a do-it-all shooting wing and another madman running around grabbing rebounds and playing defense cannot compete? i’m willing to bet they make it to at least the second round.

nash to lakers looks really good. if i were the lakers i would look to trade metta world peace into something like nicolas batum but it ain’t gonna happen. take a flyer on a random athletic swingman like wesley johnson. you never know he might suddenly blossom. sign a dude like COURTNEY LEE to play backup wing and hit some threes. 3 and D guys (lee, kawhi leonard, batum, etc) are dudes you can ALWAYS have on your team. i would have 2 of them if i could. what team doesn’t want a wing who makes his money on defense and can space the floor on offense with the ultra-efficient three pointer?

hope beasley does well with the suns, always been a sneaky beasley fan

and wonder how the heat will do next season. OKC is set because they can just improve. but the heat have no organic growth. mario chalmers isn’t going to turn into some monster… much less joel anthony. but then if lebron starts to hit fadeaway turnaround jumpers from the mid-post i guess that’s the only improvement they will need eh

ooooo and i hope the knicks go somewhere next season. carmelo and stoudemire really gotta work something out. i am a big stoudemire fan so i hope he continues wrecking the world with monster dunks and mid-range jumpers. but then again the knicks… going nowhere baby. hope shumpert gets healthy though he’s a beast

okay then it is time to go off and have a good rest so that i can test out my new shoes tmr

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  1. BEAST says:

    Hahahaha.. I really like this post.

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