momentum (or lack thereof)

it’s the holidays… and that’s why my posting rate has taken a drastic hit. because of this trend that i have observed after a few years, i have come to the conclusion that writing is indeed therapeutic for me. it helps me relieve stress.

anyway Laos was pretty okay. i busted the superior frenulum labii in my mouth, so now i can’t really feel it there. it’s slightly disconcerting but i guess it will be a pretty good reminder about not to do stupid things, like jumping headfirst into the water off a slide. though i must say, the resultant picture was pretty worth it. its my current facebook display picture.

OCIP, while always targeted at groups that need help, is ultimately the most beneficial to the members of the team. it is only after a long time that i finally allow myself to see the benefits of going for a trip that i did not fully enjoy. doing things you don’t like is not necessarily a bad thing.

the miami heat won the NBA championship. they are fascinating indeed. props to lebron for silencing all those doubters… ha! i knew lebron would win a ring. now of course everyone is going to expect them to repeat… as if it’s so easy. its quite possible though. if they play lebron-bosh at 4-5 the rest of the years they have together, with lebron basically playing point power forward, the HEAT are going to rewrite the way positions are defined in the NBA. but then again they have an amazing transcendent player in lebron… and they have mad talent in bosh and wade also. i like bosh, btw, he’s my second favourite big man (after the immortal KEVIN GARNETT). i don’t count josh smith as a big man because josh smith is one of those wonderfully uncategorizable dudes. maybe josh smith could be a lebron-type player for some team… a multi-skilled forward who lets the offense run through him. josh smith isn’t ever going to carry an offense, though… he will carry the DEFENSE. basketball is fascinating. i wonder how many points kevin durant will have scored by the time i’m teaching.

back to doing things you don’t like. Mau told me that ‘things worth doing… are things that you always have to force yourself to do’. this followed me saying that i was tempted to buy diablo 3, which of course is not the most, shall we say, practical of choices, seeing as the semester is due to start in a month and a half. if you can be tempted to do X, then X is probably not extremely beneficial. or could we say, not beneficial at all? truly food for thought.

have moved to my new room in hall, on the fifth floor. took a whole morning to do it. but i must say, the upper floors are wonderful. there is actually WIND. BREEZE. lovely. i suspect i will miss hall greatly when i graduate, i.e. i will miss my hall buddies, people who will save your laundry for you, who will share their food and drinks without you having to ask, people whose cash is as good as yours (when you’re short on moolah), who will be a true bro and a true wingman and do all sorts of dumb stuff together. hall is great.

fell sick recently, 1x fever one week ago, absolutely debilitating. haven’t had a fever in forever, only starting to really recover now. IPPT on tuesday, i have as good as given up on gold, and will be aiming for silver. i will run the first three rounds of the 2.4km super hard, in the chance that my timing at the end of 3 rounds will be less than 4.40, so that i have an actual chance of hitting a sub 9.44 timing. which is pretty impossible, imo, but it’s okay sometimes the impossible happens.

finally, Spider-Man is my favourite superhero. he might be rather weak on the power scale and not have the mega coolness factor that other people have, but he has

a) mary jane watson + a real relationship instead of an idyllic love life
b) the most kickass jokes
c) webs
d) real human issues

and is constantly in a state of awe and wonder. as such, i will watch the spidey movie and think on it.

till then… i will try and figure out how to play DWARF FORTRESSSSSSSS


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