Hi from Laos

Edit: this was written on 6th June but the wifi failed me so here it is.

Hello from Laos.

So here I am doing ocip and I’m reading about this whole Alex Ong thing. Read his Facebook post and some reactions from netizens. Decided I should blog about it. Thought about different angles to take and things to say, couldn’t come up with any good argument or any good points. It’s all been laid out already what. As usual there is too much hate and judgment and jumping in without thinking.
I guess the one thing that came to mind is that I am thankful that I am who I am today, because of how my parents raised me in the society they chose. Thankful that school and NS were the positive and wonderful experiences they were. That is all.

Other than that, being in Laos is pretty fun. More on the trip when I get back. The Mekong river is as epic as ever. You just don’t get enough of the immensity of such a historical and geographical phenomenon in just two trips there.

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