pretty faces

As a young man, I have been thinking about life. As such I have come to the conclusion that beauty is truly a wonderful thing. However it is also potentially very dangerous. I say this with respect to girls in particular.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True true. Everyone has a different standard of what a ‘pretty girl’ is.
Also they say that when you are looking for a life partner beauty is not important… Internal beauty and good character is the priority and a pretty face is a bonus.
However I am inclined to point out that first impressions really do count, no matter what people say. One is first attracted to a girl because one notices a visual aberration on the landscape, I.e. presence of aforementioned pretty girl. Hence we see that external beauty is necessary to some extent.
I would also like to point out that a pretty girl possesses a certain undefinable quality that simply draws the eye. There is no question that beauty is good. Rainbows and butterflies and freshly baked apple pies are all pleasing to the eye and the soul. Nonetheless the prettiness of a pretty girl goes beyond that: it is something that I don’t think one can get tired of. There is something very humanly emotional about it that I cannot yet comprehend.
And here we come to a quandary, where a pretty girl might hence dominate a poor boy’s waking thoughts. I do not speak of infatuation. Instead my point is that it is possible to decide that you might like a girl because she is pretty, then think to yourself that you are being shallow and hence should not like that girl. This is both unfair to you and the girl. Strange.
I am not sure what to make of this. Girls are strange creatures.


5 thoughts on “pretty faces

  1. NGIAM says:

    i think

    no need to think so much about this strange species

  2. zacharylow says:

    your logic is impeccable as always, ngiam.

  3. NXY says:

    i must say boys are equally unfathomable to my species

  4. surprise says:

    open your mind!!! embrace the pretty girl!!! stop being weird and thinking that you are shallow (bet you don’t know who i am!!!) (eww why need e-mail to sign in)

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