nba awards season

nba awards season is upon us (the season ends in a week) and it is time to unveil my choices for the respective awards. here we go!

MVP: lebron james.

night in night out james singlehandedly gives the Heat a huge chance of winning each game. you dont see many bad games from lebron… even a cold stretch for lebron is an outstanding stretch for anyone else. bottom line is: if there was one player you would want on your team, who would it be?

coming in second i would have KEVIN LOVE as MVP runner up. because without him, the timberwolves would still be floundering in the bottom of the nba.

defensive player: tyson chandler.

okay yeah dwight howard is undoubtedly the best defender in the nba but this season he has been… lacklustre. chandler and howard have the same arguments: both their teams SUCK defensively as individuals (except iman shumpert who is a boss) but somehow both the knicks and the magic have amazing defensive statistics. gotta be a reason somewhere eh

rookie: kyrie irving

game winners and highest scoring and best shooter? just give it to him already… though i must say i am in love with kenneth faried, the Manimal. the dude is a hardcore destroyer

6th man: harden

aiyo what else is there to say. of course its harden

hmmm my choices all seem rather… mainstream but that’s the way it goes. how about some all-defense?

chandler/lebron/ibaka/tony allen/rondo

now for the exciting part. all nba team! 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center.

3rd team:

marc gasol (imo very underrated)

kevin garnett (my favourite player of all time and the lynchpin of the celtics)

pau gasol (the most skilled big man in the nba)

rajon rondo (imagine where the celtics would be without him)

tony parker (give him credit for the spurs no. 1 seed)

2nd team:

andrew bynum (finally he bankai)

kevin love (this guy is super monstrous. imagine if he could actually jump)

josh smith (keeping the hawks afloat and absolutely going mad. also there are no other forwards playing better for the season)

dwayne wade (nobody respects wade anymore)

russell westbrook (continuing his rampage over every other point guard)

1st team:

dwight howard (still better then bynum)

lebron (the MVP)

durant (this is the most wicked sick guy in the nba when it comes to getting buckets. absolutely amazing)

kobe (even though he missed a few games with injury? nobody else matches his production and the wins he gives you)

chris paul (gotta respect the man for bringing the clips into the playoffs as a top 4 seed)


now you might say… WHAT? where is carmelo? where is blake?

well… carmelo was foaming until woodson took over. blake wasn’t impressive this season… chris paul would have gotten the same results (i think) playing with david west as his starting power foward. might be better because of the pick and pop

and you might say… NO DERRICK ROSE?

derrick rose played barely two thirds of the season and the bulls were owning without him. rose is incredible and a seeing-is-believing player but this season i think he just didn’t play enough.

actually there are people who should be on the all-nba teams based on talent alone don’t you think.

for the sake of argument here are my all-nba-all-talent, hypothetical no injury and incredible seasons team:

1st: dwight/lebron/durant/kobe/wade

2nd: bynum/love/melo/rose/chris paul

3rd: cousins/aldridge/blake/westbrook/d-will

you don’t say. cousins? yeah the guy is a beast

but for the all highlights team… its gotta be 2 point guards at the guard spots. rose and rondo. rondo is incredible to watch, he is the most holy-what-did-he-just-do guy in the nba. rose is a highlight waiting to happen.

forwards gotta be lebron (duh) and JOSH SMITH. and at center the only appropriate person is dwight howard because of the sheer incredibleness of the dude.

i left out blake cos all he does is dunk (okay la give some chance) but i like to see epic dribble moves and some blocked shots more than dunks.


in other news, one test left. also updated ‘essays’ and ‘reading’.

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