growing up

a friend of mine, among other friends of mine (who are in similar situations), says that she is going to graduate soon. i said she will reach a milestone soon. growing up!

and hence enter that ‘adult world’ of earning money, having a job, responsibility, having to conform to a schedule, not being able to plan your time any old how, etc, et…

this is very interesting.

last time we say, when we grow up, we will have freedom, we can do what we want

but as we grow up, we put on the fetters on responsibility, we can do less and less

but is it really the case?

as we grow up we have more freedom

to make the choice we really want. in narrowing our choices down to a single path we are exercising the ultimate freedom… to choose your own path. it takes a certain kind of knowledge to commit to something. i would argue that responsibility ultimately liberates you, because then you can go forth 101% with no remorse. like lebron on a drive to the hoop… NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, you know? if you don’t know what i mean… here it is in all its terrible glory


yea so think about that. anyway tmr exams start (fo’ real) and it is time to do it


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