school is ending!!

time flies doesn’t it… it really does. uni year 1 is going to end already. i’m growing up!

anyway here are some collected thoughts from the mental detritus of the past two weeks. its going to sound disjointed but when you have things to say you gotta say it

last last week i was sitting in my lecture and 5 minutes before the lecture started, there were these 3 girls sitting in front of me, discussing a module that i am also taking. a different module from the current lecture. rather vague there but let us proceed. it so happens that the module they were talking about just released the mid term results. so they were discussing their results… and saying that ‘wah heng at least we got a B’. to which the general consensus is that they would have all failed if they didn’t copy… which results in one of the girls saying ‘my friend got C leh. i bet she didn’t copy thats why’ and of course they were joking about how everyone was swapping answers and peeking at each other’s MCQ answers.

how can people talk about copying like that!? its a test!!!!!!!! what?!?! do they feel no shame? it is very sad that our nation as a general whole has produced students who are distinctly apathetic towards copying and feel that it is an accepted thing, to the point that sticking up for your own integrity and not copying is sometimes considered breaking the social norm. seriously zomg i swear next time if i catch people cheating in my class its for them


and so last week i was in yet another lecture… and it being the final lecture of the semester, the lecturer was going through a quick runthrough of how to write an effective essay. you know, thesis statement, breaking down the question, etc.

it is also very sad that the singaporean education system has become, in the words of another of my profs, ‘formulaic’. we train students to find rote answers (ten year series anyone) because it is a very very effective solution to acing the standard O level and A level tests. but we fail in providing any degree of critical analysis. why is everyone scared of gp? why is everyone scared of writing essays that demand critical analysis? because we are not trained to do it, and there is no routine solution to it all. we (as a collective student body) need to learn how to think for yourselves, turn it into a coherent argument which Makes Sense, and put it on paper. the main problem i have encountered with people who need help for GP is that when they see the question



they dont look at the question, they just regurgitate everything they know about it, without a clear stand. like that wont fail la but won’t get you anywhere either!

this is the curse of the ‘i don’t know’ that is so prevalent in singaporean schools… one thing that OCS taught me is the right attitude to such things. its alright to not know but the response you should have is ‘i don’t know but i will find out’

things to change eh. one must dream big. these are important things which are bigger than just grades man. these are attitude things that translate into life and relationships and whatnot

anyway it is reading week and i find myself smugly satisfied in having only 3 modules left to study. be a lit major today… apparently having 3 mods with finals is MORE THAN USUAL. most people have one or two. now thats nice


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2 thoughts on “school is ending!!

  1. As far as cheating goes, you reap what you sow. More power to them if they prefer to get nothing out of something.

  2. NXY says:

    be an archi major today… no exams

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