things i believe in

i believe that when you decide to embark on something, you should do it like a man and take pride in it.

bear with me now, dear reader, as i embark on a trip to flame people and students in general.

i really do not understand why people cannot take pride in their work. knowing that their work is graded, knowing that it is subject to the scrutiny of the group, knowing that the impression you give other people depends on it…

and people can still choose to pass off sub-standard rubbish as WORK!?

why? what is wrong with the world? is there no sense of self-pride?

don’t tell people just want to leech off other people. what?!

if you don’t know how to do then you should open your mouth. when i do group work i ask other people also for clarification and direction and say ‘eh if need some more let me know’.

and here i am still believing in the innate goodness of the human spirit and how everyone must to some extent possess that unquenchable spirit…

this is the problem

people don’t take enough pride in things that they do or invest themselves in. thats why organisations fail, thats why people who invest and take pride lose hope and become disgruntled and discouraged, thats why red tape exists, and thats why i really hate groupwork because it appears that the general condition of students is to

not give a, well, you know.

how can there be NO GUILT?

how can you live your life knowing that you CHOSE not to do the right thing!?




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