i have theory about girls.

every girl has a distinctive hair-action. its like the swirls on your fingers… every single one is different.

its this thing where they push their hair out of the face (that makes it sound so crude and unladylike. my bad) or do something to neaten and nice-ify it. indeed.

but i have a question… after you smooth your hair back, it falls back anyway. so what’s with it? i think its some deep-rooted thing in the female psyche. to show your face? i dunno. maybe its all the being elusive and all that on a very subconscious level. someone should do a psychoanalysis of this. i think there probably is already though.

most interesting is it not. something to consider


in other news, i have decided that i am a non-discriminatory moviegoer in a very discriminatory way.

i choose to enjoy bang-bang action flicks and dumb shows with lots of action, and i know i CHOOSE to do so. it is a very conscious deliberate action to sit down and let myself be wow-ed by special effects and not have to figure out the plot, or think hard as to how the movie redefines my reality. i like shows like A-TEAM and other boom boom bam bam explosion-centric slow-motion filled shows. lovely.

i am, but the public’s self-critical eye, a non-discriminatory moviegoer. i do not choose to watch smart shows. i do not pick Good Shows to watch. i do not have Taste when it comes to watching a movie. but you know what? i know why i am watching a movie: because i enjoy watching the good guy win and i like explosions and fancy toys and funky tech. but i know i am so. i choose to watch it because i enjoy it. does specific dumb-downing (in the public’s self-ignoring eye, ‘oh i am a discerning moviegoer’) elevate me?

not really. maybe that’s why i didn’t watch inception, and didn’t really enjoy the prestige, etc etc etc. things like titanic bore me.

you gotta have EPIC things… like lotr. or the avengers. i hope the avengers wont be a bust. captain america and thor and hulk and ironman… i dunno why they have black widow man. and hawkeye. they are small and weak!!! thor and hulk are the biggest guns and the heavy artillery already. just replace widow with CAROL DANVERS aka MS MARVEL. hawkeye is alright i guess… but they should upgrade his sniper skillzzzzz more.

right back to the life of a lit student… trying to make myself try to write essays which are due

i have theory a…


3 thoughts on “i have theory a…

  1. your mum says:

    i thought inception was a great movie because it had something for everyone. the multi-layered plot for the philosophical. the special effects; the explosions and requisite hand-to-hand fighting – but in SHIFTING GRAVITY!


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