in the defence of…

its not often that i comment on politics, but a paragraph like this (which can be found in the article linked above)

The SDP’s shadow budget this year proposes a stark shift away from the government’s spending priorities. For one, the party suggested cutting defence spending by 22.5 per cent, or an approximate $$2.72 billion, because the enemies “don’t exist”.

demonstrates a keen lack of understanding of international relations and politics and power structures. wot???

maybe the media is skewing the view of the general public, but…

that’s just ridiculous. seriously. these people got serve NS before or not? i know the SAF doesn’t have a very good rep amongst the singaporean public (i think that’s because people in general don’t want to serve NS…) but you know, i’m pretty sure preserving our national sovereignty is just about at the very top of any good and responsible government’s to-do list. no give or takes right there

if the SDP ever comes into power and cuts defense spending by 22.5% i dunno what to say man. hopefully i will have left this mortal coil by then so that i will never have to witness such a sad state of affairs.

seriously man! one does not criticize the PAP budget as ‘irresponsible’ without empirical evidence. my goodness. i am really at a loss for words

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