writing essays

here i am writing lit essays once more…

i am always filled with that nervous creative energy. i know i am making an effort in crafting a piece when i repeatedly go back to change sentence structures and have to think hard about what specific words to use. this is called using my brain.

except most of the time people dismiss it as smoke… oh! the unsung genius of the lit major. i’m sure you will realise this is going to be a recurring theme in my blog. anyhow i have decided that i am going to have a section of this blog devoted to SHOWCASING MY WORK. wow how egotistic you say but hey maybe it will become 1) an academic resource 2) uh i don’t really know what else. but yea. it can be done eh? at the very least maybe they will make you take an interest in literature… if you bother to read them. see, now i am guilt tripping you.

so i will upload the text of my very first lit essay that i did in uni. okay i will make sure that the stuff i upload is good quality… i promise not to upload any C-grade essays etc etc. i would destroy myself and zibei until i die if i ever wrote a C-grade essay though.

in other news…

jeremy lin 28 14 5 steals and a win over the mavs


i can’t say it enough. THE THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!

check out the box score and check out the play. holy moley


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