new day new discovery

well so here’s the first real post of my new blog.

a new blog with a new post with an old title… new day new discovery. something from the past but somehow so apt to everything nowadays. good stuff that

well i think i also might start using more punctuation as compared to chillibeancurd. wordpress somehow encourages this… there must be some form of subliminal messaging involved.

so yeah new things?

yesterday after 5 months of floorball i scored in the first IHG floorball game i played. scoring a goal is epic… the feeling is extreme. its a rush of emotion and adrenaline and a confirmation that you have done something good. its even better when you are winning the game.

today we played our second game and we lost but we walked off with our heads held high. there’s more to it but no point talking about it.

but anyway semis is on thursday and its time to bring my ‘A’ game

and because its cool,

go spidey!

my favourite superhero ever


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