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in the defence of…

its not often that i comment on politics, but a paragraph like this (which can be found in the article linked above)

The SDP’s shadow budget this year proposes a stark shift away from the government’s spending priorities. For one, the party suggested cutting defence spending by 22.5 per cent, or an approximate $$2.72 billion, because the enemies “don’t exist”.

demonstrates a keen lack of understanding of international relations and politics and power structures. wot???

maybe the media is skewing the view of the general public, but…

that’s just ridiculous. seriously. these people got serve NS before or not? i know the SAF doesn’t have a very good rep amongst the singaporean public (i think that’s because people in general don’t want to serve NS…) but you know, i’m pretty sure preserving our national sovereignty is just about at the very top of any good and responsible government’s to-do list. no give or takes right there

if the SDP ever comes into power and cuts defense spending by 22.5% i dunno what to say man. hopefully i will have left this mortal coil by then so that i will never have to witness such a sad state of affairs.

seriously man! one does not criticize the PAP budget as ‘irresponsible’ without empirical evidence. my goodness. i am really at a loss for words

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writing essays

here i am writing lit essays once more…

i am always filled with that nervous creative energy. i know i am making an effort in crafting a piece when i repeatedly go back to change sentence structures and have to think hard about what specific words to use. this is called using my brain.

except most of the time people dismiss it as smoke… oh! the unsung genius of the lit major. i’m sure you will realise this is going to be a recurring theme in my blog. anyhow i have decided that i am going to have a section of this blog devoted to SHOWCASING MY WORK. wow how egotistic you say but hey maybe it will become 1) an academic resource 2) uh i don’t really know what else. but yea. it can be done eh? at the very least maybe they will make you take an interest in literature… if you bother to read them. see, now i am guilt tripping you.

so i will upload the text of my very first lit essay that i did in uni. okay i will make sure that the stuff i upload is good quality… i promise not to upload any C-grade essays etc etc. i would destroy myself and zibei until i die if i ever wrote a C-grade essay though.

in other news…

jeremy lin 28 14 5 steals and a win over the mavs


i can’t say it enough. THE THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!

check out the box score and check out the play. holy moley

2 things from the clippers-blazers game today (17/2 singapore time)

1. rip city jerseys are AWESOME

2. chris paul is ridiculous. i would take paul over derrick rose, over deron williams, over rubio… over any other point guard in the league if i was a hypothetical GM. the man is insane.


jeremy lin!!!

well it is time for me to chime in on the phenomenon known as LINSANITY.

make no mistake, i am a fan. but i am a bandwagon fan. let me admit this loudly and clearly that I AM A JEREMY LIN BANDWAGON FAN. that’s because we all love the narrative. but it has come to the extent that jeremy lin’s game winner has been celebrated as if he is some monster dude. yeah game winners are great but consider the situation

1. 5 seconds left on the clock. plenty of time for you to choose what to do. he had the under his control. no pressure.

2. he took a pull-up jumper. how hard is it to have taken a pull-up jumper? okay la he delivered but it isn’t as epic as a kobe bryant 2v1 pumpfake of doom nasty footwork step around reverse direction spin hanging fadeaway jumper. that entire descriptive still doesn’t do justice to a kobe fadeaway. to properly appreciate what i just said…


3. his defender was jose calderon. yeah enough said. no hate to the point guard of the spanish national team but i am willing to say that calderon is probably a below average defender at the point guard position. not like 49th percentile, but something like 25th percentile (assume rondo is 100th percentile, which he is)

that said, it was still a great play. and jeremy lin is most importantly delivering WINS to the knicks. wins and turnovers, but wins nonetheless.

now. why am i a jeremy lin fan?

because i’m a student, i’m asian, and i play basketball. and i’m human.

jeremy lin’s story is the very essence of a hollywood narrative. asian kid overcomes racial stereotypes to make it big in the NBA – a league dominated by larger-than-life, genetically extreme, physically incredible black superstars (and 1x blake griffin).

but we love jeremy lin. i’m sure people have analysed this often enough but i just HAD to offer MY own take on it.

jeremy lin means that the kid on the block has dreams which can be realised. when i play ball with my friends, i always end up guarding people bigger than me. zachary low, who by singaporean neighbourhood court size reckonings should be playing at small forward, is always forced to guard those 180cm + dudes who are… simply taller. taller is darnirritating when you have to guard them. as a result i have to make up for it by hitting the weights and hitting the offensive player and pushing him away. i am in essence a small forward forced to defend bigger dudes. i am the shawn marion of the neighbourhood court – minus the weird shooting form. and this physical matchup is EXEMPLIFIED in jeremy lin. who is asian. how can a skinny and pasty kid with chinese genetic roots challenge a black dude? lets say jeremy lin versus kyle lowry… i’m willing to bet kyle lowry can run faster, jumper higher, lift more, etc etc. let’s not even talk about the crazy insane freaks like westbrook and derrick ROSEEEEEE!!!!!! who can do humanly impossible things. but here we have token asian kid, stepping on the court and crossing over nba veterans as if it’s the ivy league all over again. who says asians only can study? who says asians can’t ball?

jeremy lin means that being a student doesn’t mean you can’t chase your dreams. here in singapore, being a student is a higher calling. we are pretty much obsessed with education. it has had such a profound impact on our society that the social calendar of the average teenage student is structured around the school year. it is always emphasised that we are students first – heck, this is something i preached to my own students. guys, you gotta study, cos that’s the whole point of being a student. i’ll say this again in the future, most likely. but let us not forget (myself included) that student is simply one aspect of the persona. ‘student’ too often overwhelms the singaporean personality. jeremy lin shows us that athletic success is not tangential to academic prowess. jeremy lin shows us that its possible to ball and study. there’s no dichotomy here… it’s a venn diagram with Lin in the center and hordes of students running after.

jeremy lin means that anyone can play ball. skinny asian kid playing the most difficult position in a basketball hotbed like new york, under the scrutiny of madison square garden, and the hopes of more than a billion people upon his shoulders? no problem baby. its 6 straight games with 20 plus points, and 6 wins. i’m sitting here hoping for win number 7. its a streak we all hope won’t stop. if it means the knicks make the playoffs, even better… a starting 5 of chandler STAT melo fields lin with shumpert, baron davis (if he can get back to half of the player he was when he did THIS: and whoever else is a knick off the bench… that’s gotta make some noise in the playoffs. melo alone can win you a game (yea he may suck for 46 minutes but in the last 2 minutes melo DELIVERS and thats the truth). with a proper point guard the knicks might actually make it to the 2nd round! but i’m not a knicks fan anyway.

in short, jeremy lin means hope. that’s why we love him. let’s hope the media doesn’t hate him when he finally has a bad game, or when the knicks lose. let’s hope jeremy lin has a great career ahead of him, with a ring or two thrown in.

but you know what else about jeremy lin?

“I can’t even play for myself.  The right way to play is not for others and not for myself, but for God.  I still don’t fully understand what that means.  I’m still learning to be selfless and submit myself to God and give the game up to Him.  My audience is God.”

yea man.


new day new discovery

well so here’s the first real post of my new blog.

a new blog with a new post with an old title… new day new discovery. something from the past but somehow so apt to everything nowadays. good stuff that

well i think i also might start using more punctuation as compared to chillibeancurd. wordpress somehow encourages this… there must be some form of subliminal messaging involved.

so yeah new things?

yesterday after 5 months of floorball i scored in the first IHG floorball game i played. scoring a goal is epic… the feeling is extreme. its a rush of emotion and adrenaline and a confirmation that you have done something good. its even better when you are winning the game.

today we played our second game and we lost but we walked off with our heads held high. there’s more to it but no point talking about it.

but anyway semis is on thursday and its time to bring my ‘A’ game

and because its cool,

go spidey!

my favourite superhero ever